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Starting & Re-education Services

Here at Edgerton Park we offer some other services too.  We Start / Break in horses, Re-Educate problem horses, deal with floating issues, riding issues, horses in need of re-mouthing and ground manners etc.  We understand each horse and rider combination is different so please just give me a call to discuss your own situation. 

 *All Breeds and Disciplines*

are catered for in starting , further education or re-education whether it be English, Showing, Trail Riding, Team Penning, Cattle Work or Western activities. 


Magic Bridleless flying changes 


Starting / Breaking - in

Depending on what handling your horse has already had you can expect it to take around 6 weeks to have your horse started.  By the time you pick up your horse it will have a superbly soft mouth ready to go on with what ever discipline you choose.   He will understand a one rein stop, will flex left and right, have fantastic breaks, have an understanding of the aids (which will increase with each ride) and should be moving forward honestly and comfortably.  Depending on the horse and the time it is here it may also leave working on the bit. 

 All breeds and disciplines are catered for in starting , further education or re-education whether it be english, showing, trail riding or western activities.

 At the time of pick up you will be given a 1/2 hour lesson on correct handling of your newly started horse.



Here at Edgerton Park we will also re-educatate your horse in specific problems be it bridling problems, floating problems, riding issues etc.  We understand each case is different so please contact me to discuss yours.  We also bring horses back into work so if you have a horse that has been left out in the paddock too long and you are worried about restarting it then we can do it for you.  At the end of a re-education or re-starting process you will receive a 1/2 hour lesson on how to handle your particular horse.

 The horse in this video had previously had other trainers work with her for days and they were still unable to get her on a float.  She is now a willing partner who will self load.


Edgerton Park offers lessons to children, beginner / nervous adults and people wanting to learn how to control particular behaviours.  There is a possibility that we may have a mount available at times but it is preferred that you use your own horse as we will not always have suitable mount available.  Please contact me for further information.

Lessons are $50 per hour for a private riding lesson.

Heidi & Pavlo winning the "Best Rider Under 6 Years Old"

Heidi is 5 Years of Age.



For starting of horses we charge $300* per week plus feed. We can supply all feed for you at a cost of $50 per week or you can supply it yourself. 

*Stallions are $320 per week as they need to be housed differently and can be alot more work.

Re-education is on a case by case basis.

Lessons are charged from $50 an hour for a private riding lesson.

Lessons on manners and / or ground work being performed by an Edgerton Park member are $60 an hour.

Any Farriery, Dentistry, Chiropratory or Veterinary needs undertaken whilst here will be oncharged to you.  For example:


Trim  -  $40


Teeth Rasping  -  $90

Other Dentistry needs POA - case by case basis.

VETERINARY CARE - is on a case by case basis.


Standard Adjustment  -  $65

Other work POA - case by case basis.

*prices are subject to change without notice


Please contact us on Ph: 0438 362 083